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Herocut Cut55i CNC Plasma Cutter IGBT Digital Control CNC Non-HF Pilot Arc Dual Voltage 120V/240V, Cutting machine Work with CNC

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 1. This machine is an IGBT plasma cutting machine with non-high frequency pilot arc. This machine is one of the most portable single-phase inverter cutting machines on the market.

2. The cutting thickness of this machine is 3/4 inch, which has good performance. The maximum cutting thickness can be up to 1 inch if needed in the short term. Including torch holder and 2 sets of consumables.

3. The machine is equipped with 2T/4T function, air check, voltage 220V; built-in regulator, automatic water discharge inverter 45Amps power supply, 60% duty cycle at 45amps, 100% at 35amps, and good coordination with the CNC system.

4. Digital controller, air pressure and current display, display and display cutting amplifier to help users adjust current to cut different metals.

5.Two years warranty for this machine, the buyer can get free service within two years if machine have any problems.




IGBT plasma cutting machine CUT55 is developed by HeroCut. Non-HF pilot arc, Small compact efficient IGBT base Digital controller. This machine is one of the most portable single phase inverter cutting machines on the market. With quality torch fixed safety plasma central plug, The fast connection quick to release torch and ground clamp. The machine is easy to operate in terms of settings, Machine comes with 2T/4T function, Air checks, Display show cutting amps help user adjust the current to cut different metal. Air pressure gauge can show air press help user adjust different air cut different thick metal. Cutting thickness for this machine is 3/4'' at 75 psi in good performance, Max cutting thickness can reach at 1'' if needed for a short run. Torch standoff and 2 set of consumables included.


  • Pilot Arc Non-HF & Non-Touch, 2T/4T function
  • Quality plasma torch fixed safety plug
  • Digital controller, Air pressure & Amps display
  • Dual voltage 120v / 240v;
  • Built in Regulator, Auto release water
  • Inverter 45Amps power supply, 60% Duty cycle at 45amps, 100% at 35amp
  • Good work with CNC system
  • The power plug in photo only supply for USA market, No power plug come with machine for other country.



  • PT60 Non HF Pilot Arc torch with 5 meters cable.
  • Earth clamp with 3 meters cable
  • 1 meters air hose
  • 5 tips
  • 5 electrodes 
  • 2 pcs hose clamp
  • Manual


Product information

Technical Details

 Input power

 120V / 240V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz 

 Package Dimensions

 420 * 295 * 330 mm


 50 Amps

 Cutting Thickness - clean cut

 20mm @70 PSI

 Max Cutting Thickness severance cut

 25mm @ 70PSI

 Cutting Speed ( 20mm metal )


 Machine size

 352*144*279 mm

 Duty cycle

 100% @ 40Amps, 60% @50Amps


Additional Information

 Cutting torch

 PT60  non HF plilot arc 


 Non HF Pilot arc

 Shipping Weight

10.2 kgs

 CNC system port