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Herocut CUT120X IGBT Inverter 380V 2t/4t Blow Back Non-HF pilot arc plasma cutter easy cut 35mm thick CNC cutting machine

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1. This machine is one of the best heavy-duty cutting machines on the market, and one of the module IGBT high-efficiency inverter cutting machines.

2. The cutting thickness of this machine is 35 mm, and it has good performance at 70 psi,If short-term needs are required, the maximum cutting thickness can reach 45 mm.

3. Module IGBT inverter technology, 380V digital technology, 2T/4T, Air Check, 380V input voltage.

4.35mm clean cut under 70PSI, 45mm cut, with CNC connection port, easy to work with CNC table.

5. Suitable for cutting stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals.




Input voltage: 380V+/-15%,

Current range: 20A-120A

Insulation Class: F

Rated Power:24.6KVA

Input Current Range: 4.5-35A

Rated Output Voltage: 144V

No Load: 49V

Air Flow Pressure Range: 40-75PSI

Air Flow Rate: 55L/min

Clean cutting thickness: 35mm

Severance Cutting thickness: 50mm

Cutting speed:  180mm/min @65PSI 30mm

Generator Input: 4.8 KVA

Rated Duty Cycle: 60% at 120A, 100% at 80A

Max Cutting thickness: 45mm mild steel severance

Torch Length: 5 meters

Earth Cable Length: 5 meters


What in the box:

1 x Plasma Cutter

1 x Non HF Pilot Arc Cutting torch with 5 meters cable

1 x Air Regulator fixed on machine

1 x Earth Cable with 5 meters cable

10 x electrodes

10 x tips

1 x 3 meters air hose

1 x manual

Weight: 28 kgs