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Herocut Cut55X 220V IGBT Digital Control CNC Non-HF Pilot Arc CNC Plasma Cutter , Cutting machine Work with CNC

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1. This machine is an IGBT plasma cutting machine with non-high frequency pilot arc. This machine is one of the most portable single-phase inverter cutting machines on the market.

2. The cutting thickness of this machine is 3/4 inch, with good performance, if short-term needs, the maximum cutting thickness can reach 1 inch.

3. The machine has 2T/4T function, air check, voltage 220V; built-in regulator, automatic water discharge.

4. Inverter 45Amps power supply, 60% duty cycle at 45amps, 100% at 35amps, good coordination with the CNC system.

5. Digital controller, air pressure and current display, display and display cutting amplifier to help users adjust the current to cut different metals




  • PT60 Non HF Pilot Arc torch with 5 meters cable.
  • Earth clamp with 3 meters cable
  • 1 meters air hose
  • 5 tips
  • 5 electrodes 
  • 2 pcs hose clamp
  • Manual


Product information

Technical Details

 Input power

 220V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz 

 Package Dimensions

 420 * 295 * 330 mm


 50 Amps

 Cutting Thickness - clean cut

 20mm @70 PSI

 Max Cutting Thickness severance cut

 25mm @ 70PSI

 Cutting Speed ( 20mm metal )


 Machine size

 352*144*279 mm

 Duty cycle

 100% @ 40Amps, 60% @50Amps


Additional Information

 Cutting torch

 PT60  non HF plilot arc 


 Non HF Pilot arc

 Shipping Weight

10.2 kgs

 CNC system port