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IGBT Plasma Cutter Herocut CUT50i 50Amps 220V AC Air Plasma cutting machine clean cutting thickness 15mm

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1.The Plasma Cut55i is a plasma cutting machine produced using the latest in IGBT technology.

2.Package includes:4 meters PT-31 cutting torch with cable, 2.5 meters Earth clamp with cable, 1 meters air hose, 2 pcs hose clamp, 5 tips, 5 electrodes

3.Inverter 50Amps power source, 60% Duty cycle at 50amps, 100% duty cycle at 35 amps

4.This plasma cutting equipment is available for cutting most metals: stainless steel,alloy,aluminum,mild steel,carbon steel; widely used for automotive, ducting work, repair/maintenance,metal processing,manufacture.

5.Two years warranty for this machine, the buyer can get free service within two years if machine have any problems.



 Description:  IGBT Technology

  • High quality plasma cutting torch,

  • Digital display, Air pressure gauge on front panel of machine.

  • IGBT Single phase, Input 240v no power plug

  • Inverter 50Amps power source, 60% Duty cycle at 50amps, 100% duty cycle at 35 amps



  • 4 meters PT-31 cutting torch with cable

  • 2.5 meters Earth clamp with cable

  • 1 meters air hose

  • 2 pcs hose clamp

  • 5 tips, 5 electrodes (1 Ring and 1 cup already set in the Torch)

  • 1 manual


Product information

Technical Details

Input Power


Package Dimensions

445 * 320 * 300 mm



Max Current

40 A

Cutting Thickness Severance Cut

16 mm @ 70PSI

Cutting Thickness Clean Cut

14 mm @70PSI

Current Range


Duty cycle

100% @ 35Amps, 60% @50Amps


Additional Information

Plasma cutting torch

PT-31 ( HF ) 4 meters cable


50/60 Hz  1 phase

Shipping Weight

10.2  kgs

Protection class