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CUT60i HC6000 220V Blow Back Non-HF Pilot Arc portable single phase inverter Digital display CNC Plasma Cutter

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1.Adopt IGBT inverter technology high frequency 50/60Hz.This cutter is reliable, robust and stacked with features that you expect from a quality plasma cutter.

2.Input voltage 230V±15%

3.This plasma cutting equipment is available for cutting most metals: stainless steel,alloy,aluminum,mild steel,carbon steel; widely used for automotive, ducting work, repair/maintenance,metal processing,manufacture

4.20-60Amps, Duty cycle 60% in 60Amps, 100% in 50Amps. Cutting thickness for this machine is 20mm at 70 psi in good performance, Max cutting thickness can reach at 25mm if needed for a short run.

5.Two years warranty for this machine, the buyer can get free service within two years if machine have any problems.




plasma cutting machine CUT60i-CNC is developed by HeroCut. Blow back Non-HF pilot arc Small compact efficient Digital controller. This machine is one of the most portable single phase inverter cutting machines on the market. With quality torch fixed safety plasma plug, The fast connection quick to release torch and ground clamp. The machine is easy to operate in terms of settings, Display show cutting amps help user adjust the current to cut different metal. Cutting thickness for this machine is 20mm at 70 psi in good performance, Max cutting thickness can reach at 25mm if needed for a short run. Torch standoff and 2 set of consumables included.


  • High quality plasma cutting torch,
  • Digital display, Air pressur
  • Inverter 60Amps power supply, 60% Duty cycle at 60amps, 100% at 50amp
  • IGBT Technology Pilot Arc HF Non Touch



  • IPT60 pilot arc cutting torch with 5 meters cable
  • Earth clamp with 3 meters cable
  • 3 meters air hose
  • 2 pcs hose clamp
  • 5 tips
  • 5 electrodes 


Product information


Technical Details

Input power voltage V AC230±15%
Rated input power capacity KVA 7.5
Input voltage frequency Hz 50/60
No-load voltage V 232
Output current range A 20-60
Rated output voltage V 104
Duty-cycle (35℃) % 60
No-load loss W 50
Efficiency % 85
Power factor cosφ 0.93
Insulation class   B
Arc-starting   Non Touch
Protection class   IP21S
Size mm 620*360*470
Max.Cutting thickness mm 25
Weight Kg 23
Air flow m3/min 0.17