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HC8000, CUT80NPi Non-HF pilot arc Heavy Duty efficient Digital controller Plasma Cutter 220V CNC

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 1. IPT80 high-quality plasma cutting torch, this machine is a single-phase inverter cutting machine on the market, with 5 meters cable, including cutting torch bracket and 5 sets of consumables.

2. Digital display, air pressure display, 2T/4T, air check/cutting function, the display shows the cutting amplifier to help users adjust the current to cut different metals.

3. This machine has a cutting thickness of 25 mm under 70 psi, and it has good performance. If needed for a short period of time, the maximum cutting thickness can reach 30 mm

4. Use high-quality welding torch to fix the safety plasma plug, and quickly connect the quick-release welding torch and ground clamp.

5. If you want to buy this machine, please contact us first. The value of this machine is high, and only high freight logistics methods can be used, and we need to charge a certain amount of freight.




  • IPT80 Non-HF Pilot Arc Cutting torch with 5 meters cable
  • Earth clamp with 5 meters cable
  • 2 meters air hose
  • 2 pcs hose clamp
  • 5 pcs #1.0 tips 
  • 5 pcs #1.1 tips 
  • 5 pcs electrodes
  • 2 pcs CNC Female Connector


Product Information:


Technical Details

Input power voltage V AC220±10%
Rated input power capacity KVA 11
Input voltage frequency Hz 50/60
No-load voltage V 220
Output current range A 20-80
Rated output voltage V 110
Duty-cycle (35℃) % 60
No-load loss W 45
Efficiency % 85
Power factor cosφ 0.75
Insulation class   B
Arc-starting   Non-HF
Protection class   IP21S
Size mm 620*360*470
Max.Cutting thickness mm 30
Weight Kg 16.5
Air flow m3/m  0.17